Do I call this day 2?

I’ve never been good about writing in a journal even though every therapist has told me this is the best way to “express my emotions”  although I think I miss the point of journal eateries because I only ever want to write when I have an issue. Sometimes my issue is multiple days. Sometimes it’s just one. This creates a problem since I can go months without feeling anything very poor and then the whole journal thing seems pointless. So for my blog I am going to goal set. I know that each day is different for me so instead I will say I will post once a week. At least. Sometimes it may be incotedul sometimes it may just be a ‘hey hope you haven’t forgot about me’ post.


But lets start at ground zero.

By working hours I am an RN and proud. I fell absolutely, completely, heavily in love with nursing. I don’t love my job but it’s a great starting point and makes my resume look very professional so for now this is what I got. I yearn for a more meaningful placement as where I currently am bores me.

By night I have a wondeful boyfriend and two doggos who are my life.


I will have more to say ablit about my life but for today, a day I am happy and looking forward to things, I don’t have much to say. (Exhibit A why I am not good at journals!)

so until next time,


love always.


The beginning.

So. Day one, here we are. Im not sure what this will look like but i needed somewhere to put my thoughts and intents without them being read with compassion and belief. It is one thing to post things on my instagram or sometimes even facebook but this is for those who care, not those who pry. Its a place for me to speak my mind, offer advice, for you and myself, and a platform of growth because for me , nothing is ever enough. Where we will start I’m not sure, but its best to just take it one day, or one post, at a time. So. Welcome to day one.